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Car rental


1F west

Rental car information

Company Name Tel. Remarks
Nippon Rent-A-car 0859-45-0913 HP
Times Car RENTAL 0859-45-6501 HP
Orix Rent a car 0859-45-3707 HP
Nissan Rent A Car 0859-47-2232 HP
TOYOTA Rent a car 0859-45-0115 HP

Car Rental How to

1 Application (booking)
You can apply for car rental at the airport terminal building first floor at the rental car information office. In addition, you can either reserve by phone with each car rental company or sign up on the website or at a subsidary. Depending on the car rental compnay, discounts may apply for internet reservations.
2 Receipt of your car
Please arrive at the car rental shop by the reserved time. ※ driver's license and credit card etc. are required. For more information, please contact the company you wish to use.
3 Usage
You can use your call after confirming its condition together with the clerk.
4 Return
Please arrive to return the car to the store by the end of your contract time. (You can also return (drop off) the car at another office than the one you started from). The gasoline tank should be full when the car is returned (there might be exceptions).
※If the return time will be later than scheduled, please contact the store as soon as possible.