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About airline use

I would like to know about airline ticket reservations, fares and seat vacancies.

Airline tickets can be purchase from airlines, travel agencies or via the internet. Fares and vacancy information can be found by clicking on the link, but please confirm the details with each airline.

I want to check seat availability (reservation, change, cancel).

Please check below.

  • Tokyo flights
    ANA Reservation Center(0570-029-222)
  • Seoul flights
    Air Seoul
  • Hong Kong flight
    Japan Call Center(050-3852-0709)

I would like to check planned and actual arrival times or flight status.

Please check below.

Tokyo flights(ANA)

  • Arrival and departure information is here
  • Inquiries about ANA
    ANA domestic reservation guide
    0570-029-222(General Information Center nationwide)
    If using PHS or international phones
    Tokyo 03-6741-8800
    Sapporo 011-726-8800
    Osaka 06-7637-8800
    Fukuoka 092-752-8800
    Nagoya 052-586-8870
    Okinawa 098-861-8800

Seoul flight arrival and departure (Air Seoul)

Hong Kong flight arrival and departure (Hong Kong Airlines)

In the case of bad weather

There is a set guideline. The airline will make the judgement for every case.

How many hours before should I arrive at the airport?

Generally 1 hour before for domestic and 2 hours before for international flights, but traffic conditions and the weather might affect your travel, so please plan accordingly.

What items are prohibited on the flight?

Cutlery (scissors, nail clippers, etc.), inflammable items, and things that might be used as a weapon can not be brough onto the aircraft. Thank you for your cooperation.
※ Permitted carry-on baggage size for flights with over 100 seats… three sides in total not exceeding 115cm (55 × 40 × 25). Weight can not exceed 10 kg.
※ Before boarding security check (safety inspection) please remove all metal items, such as wallets and mobile phones, from your bag and put them in the basket. Also, remove your PC from your bag.
※ For international flights, you can not bring liquids over 100 ml onto the aircraft. Please place them in your suitscase beforehand and have them checked in by the airline counter.

Is it possible to purchase overseas travel accident insurance at the airport?

You can apply for it at the General Information Center.


  • Yonago Airport General Information Center(0859-45-6123)

Where can I get a timetable?

You can receive one on the first floor at the domestic arrival area "General Information Center".


I would like to know more about parking (fees, business hours).

Parking is available free of charge.View the map of parking

Usage time

  • Airport parking5:00a.m.~11:00p.m.
  • P1 24 hours、P2 24 hours
  • P3 6:00a.m.~11:00p.m.
  • P4 6:00a.m.~11:00p.m.
  • Parking places for bikes are available at the side of the airport building.

Can I purchase a duty-free goods at airport?

Purchase of duty-free goods is intended for customers departing abroad. Customers sending off someone or taking domestic lines can not purchase here. The duty-free shop is located in the international depature waiting area after the immigration check. For details about the "Eizan duty-free shop" click here.

When does the terminal building open?

Opening hours are 6:00a.m., closing time is 10:00p.m..

Do you have a meeting room and group waiting room?

There is a meeting room at the first floor lobby.

Do you have a VIP room?

VIP rooms (subject to fees) and Card Lounge Daisen (subject to fees) are located at the airport building second floor.Please use them for resting before boarding, pick-up reception or meeting.

Is there a bank ATM?

There is a ATM service corner of San-in Godo Bank on the first floor lobby. The available time are 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. (weekdays) and 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

※Partnering financial institutions are city banks, trust banks and regional banks, second regional banks, credit unions, credit unions, agricultural cooperative banks, Rokin, Citibank, Japan Post Bank and Ion Bank. (For handling partner bank cards a commission will be charged (108 yen to 216 yen)).

Is there a post office?

There is no post office. The nearest post box is close to the international line bus stop. In addition, stamps, revenue stamps, value stamp and postcards are sold at the first floor convenience store "7-Eleven".

Do you have a room for nursing and changing baby diapers?

We are offering convenient and friendly service for all customers on the second floor in the departure area, there is a "Baby room" and on each floor "nursing rooms" and "multi-purpose toilets" are provided. In the baby room, diaper changing table, baby size toilets, hot water heater and a nursing corner are available.

Is there a doctor's office or pharmacy?

There is no doctor's office or pharmacy. There is a "first-aid room" on the first floor of the domestic arrival lobby.

Can I visit the airport together with pets?

Due to management reasons, please refrain from bringing animals into the passenger terminal building. However, there are exceptions for guide and service dogs and animals which are transported within the air cargo of the aircraft.

Is there a place where I can charge my mobile phone?

There are paid mobile phone chargers (charging costs 200 Yen for 20 minutes),and in there is also a mobile phone charging cord at the Card Lounge Daisen.

Are there smoking booth within the airport building?

Smoking booth is on the first floor outside. You can smoke at some restaurants and card lounge second floor.All other areas within the building are entirely non smoking.

Is there an AED (automated external defibrillator machine) available?

One is available in the airport building first floor near ANA check-in counter.

Access and tourism

Time required from Yonago Kitaro Airport Station.

About 5 minute walk, connected by a 250meters access sidewalk.

I would like to go to JR Yonago Station/JR Matsue Station after having arrived Yonago Kitaro Airport.

There are connecting buses after each arrival flight to JR Yonago Station ・ JR Matsue Station. For arrival times, required times and charges etc. for each station, please see here.
In addition, you can also use the JR Sakai Line leaving from JR Yonago Airport Station (250m, 4-minute walk).

I would like to know the regional access after arriving at Yonago Airport.

For regional airport access, please click here.

Access to "Mizuki Shigeru Road"

  • Please use JR to Sakaiminato Station from the airport station or the Hamaloop bus (Sakaiminato citizen bus).

Access to "Adachi Museum of Art"

  • To Yonago Station use the airport shuttle bus, from Yonago station by JR to Yasugi station, and then the free shuttle bus from Yasugi Station.

Access to "Izumo Taisha"

  • To Matsue Station use the airport shuttle bus, then from Matsue Station use JR or the Ichibata Railway.
  • "Marriage Perfect ticket" is also a very good deal as an excursion ticket.

Access to the "Island of Oki"

I would like to rent a car.

There is a car rental service avaiable in the terminal building on the first floor.

Car rental company


about Lost & Find

Depending on where you lost the contact person differs as follows.

  • Airport terminal site (except the departure-entry inspection field) ⇒0859-45-6123(Domestic General Information Center)
    Domestic Information Office Hours: 8:00a.m.-9:30p.m. (does not cover Tokyo Line 812 flights)
    For lost items within the building, please give us a call.
  • Tokyo flights⇒0859-45-6138(ANA)
  • Seoul flights and departure/immigration inspection area⇒0859-47-3321(Air Seoul Yonago Branch)
  • Hong Kong flights and departure/immigration inspection area⇒050-3852-0709(Japan Call Center)

I would like to call someone within the building.

  • Calling customers via annoucements
    First floor Domestic General Information Center(0859-45-6123)

You will not be able to make the annoucement directly yourself. We will take your message,but it can not be guaranteed that your message has been transmitted or that the customer will show up. (However, it becomes a call in Japanese.)

I need my luggage temporary keeping?

Please use the coin lockers on the first floor of the airport terminal building.

  • Large size / width 33 × height 114 × depth 57cm, fee (per day) 500 yen
  • Medium size / width 33 × height 55 × depth 57cm, fee (per day) 300 yen
  • Small size / width 33 × height 31 × depth 57cm, fee (per day) 200 yen

※The above is the size of the frontage. Depending on the structure, the back side width can be 42cm.

I want to send my luggage.

  1. The convenience store "7-Eleven" in the airport terminal building on the first floor is offering Kuroneko Yamato courier services.
  2. For customers using ANA, "ANA delivery service" is available at the first floor departure lobby at the ANA counter.

※"Delivery service" = The carry on luggage of the customer can be shipped directly to the home or indicated address without having to be picked up at the arrival airport.
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I would like to use e-mail (Internet) at the airport.

Within the building lobby area (first floor, second floor) free Wi-Fi is available.
In addition, in the first floor lobby, coin-operated internet PCs (surcharge) are available. Also, an internet PC booth is provided at the Card Lounge Daisen (surcharge).

Can I buy Keihin Express tickets (Tokyo)

On the second floor of the domestic departure boarding area, you can use the automatic ticket vending machines for Keihin Express Railway tickets.

I would like to borrow a stroller or wheelchair.

If you need them for the aircraft, please inform the reception counter of the airline you are using.